In the wee hours of the morning, Shelby and Rachel were the only ones left remaining to finish the editing of the Friendship Place Video Production: these are their stories.

After about a month of working on this video, it is finally done! This whole semester in my Visual Literacy class we’ve worked with a non-profit organization called Friendship Place who are advocates for the homeless to develop a campaign to help spread awareness about the issue of homelessness and to spur the community into action. Hope you enjoy! And if you want to know more check out the Community Council for the Homeless at Friendship Place web page …

Untitled.  This is another project that a group and I did for my Visual Literacy class.  We were required to bring a painting to life and for our video we used Roy Lichtenstein’s ‘Washing Machine.’  Enjoy!

This is the video we (Ian Nyanin, robrod, and I) shot for one of our Visual Literacy projects.  I’m proud of it I must say… It’s extremely hard to coordinate people through elevator doors.

This is the photo essay that my Visual Literacy group and I completed for the class. We were required to visually encapsulate the word ‘Isolation’ and then critically analyze the photos.


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